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The WBO is Celebrating its 30th Congress


WBO Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion, Terence “Bud” Crawford coached by the WBO President, Francisco
“Paco” Valcarcel, kicked off the 30th Annual WBO Congress Golf Tournament from the Delaire Golf Country Club in
Delray Beach, Florida.

WBO Congress 2017

The World Boxing Organization is currently celebrating its annual congress through a Press Release, the WBO stated:

Today (Sunday, October 22) we officially kick off the 30th WBO Congress with our traditional Golf Tournament which this year is taking place at the Delaire Country Club, in Delray Beach, Florida it started at 1 p.m. and will carry on through 5:30 p.m.; we will finish the day with a wonderful dinner at the golf course. The WBO will like to welcome all its members, champions and friends who took their time to join us in what will be a great and unforgettable experience as we depart this Monday on a cruise that will take us through the Caribbean, visiting Cuba and Great Stirrup Cay”.

In the photos shared with the press, we were able to see Undisputed World Champion Terence Crawford playing some golf with WBO’s President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel.



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