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TRAINERS TALK: GGG & Canelo Handlers Open Up


Talk is cheap- except when congress does it.

On Monday, the trainers for Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin faced the press ahead of what’s expected to be an epic middleweight title fight on September 16 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

You gotta fight for questions on the phone just as much as you do in the actual press room. These were the questions I got to ask both trainers for NY Fights during the media conference call, as many answers remain to be seen.


Q. Abel, question for you. You faced Andre Rozier who trained Curtis Stevens when Golovkin faced him, and of course, he was the trainer for Daniel Jacobs. They had an all-star team, yet you hold Canelo in higher regard than Daniel Jacobs, based on what you were saying earlier, because recently you were quoted as saying that Canelo was basically a slapper; that he wasn’t really a hard puncher, and if Gennady does what he is supposed to do, what you expect him to do, that the fight’s easy. Have you reconsidered that based on some things that you’ve seen recently?

ABEL SANCHEZ: No, absolutely not. What I’m saying is that Canelo is the next one in line and Canelo, when he gets in a hurry, tends to slap.

If you go back to the quote that I said, when he gets in a hurry he tends to slap. But Canelo is the most important and most difficult fight in front of us right now. Why? Because he’s in front of us. He’s on the 16th. If we were fighting Jacobs, I would say the same thing about Jacobs.

But it’s Canelo right now, and he is the most difficult to this point because he is next.

Q. Do you think that based on the opponents that Gennady faced up to this point in his career, that Canelo is a puncher with more variety, with more suddenness, more commitment? He was obviously upset with the notion that he was ducking Golovkin. And the improvement you’ve seen; this why you consider him the most prominent threat Golovkin has ever faced?

ABEL SANCHEZ: I think Canelo is the best counter-puncher he’s faced to date. He may not be the puncher Curtis is with one shot or Lemieux, but he’s a heck of a better boxer than both of those guys. And not only that, he’s directly in front of us right now. So he is the most difficult guy. If we don’t get past him, it doesn’t matter who we get against the rest.

Q. Canelo was obviously upset with the notion that he wasn’t ready for Golovkin last year. He seemed to scoff at the notion that he was somehow avoiding Golovkin and everything else. With that being said, the year that’s passed and that’s ensued, are you seeing a fighter that’s more determined to come out here and prove definitively that he can beat Golovkin and is actually looking for a knockout?

EDDY REYNOSO: This is a fight that, look, it can’t be made overnight. And the ingredient that he has that motivates him is what he’s had since day one. He’s always wanted to be — to go down in history as one of the biggest and best fighters in history. He will continue to work hard and he will continue to go on.

Like I said, these fights aren’t made overnight. It took a little bit of time, but we’re here now. Almost here..



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