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The Book on Joshua


He ain’t Moses y’all. And he’s certainly not about to walk on water.

What we have in IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is a bigger, better looking Frank Bruno of magnetic charisma sprayed with WD-40. One that is either a 255 lb legend in the making, or simply made for the taking.

What we do know is that in front of over 76,000 screaming fans in Wales, Joshua proved he is the game’s ultimate rockstar draw, for no one else on the planet can put that many asses in seats. That the 28 year-old was unable to permanently lure a very tough Carlos Takam on his, raised more eyebrows than the two cuts around those of the challenger’s.

Referee Phil Edwards, giving conspiracy theorists something to work with, outrageously stepped in to stop a competitive Takam in the 10th round.

Folks that is not a typo– because Joshua certainly didn’t do it.

This is not to say he wasn’t on his way to getting the gritty Cameroonian KTFO, it’s just that Edwards jumped in front of the movie screen at the end of the film.

We can’t say for a certainty that Takam (despite being hammered with bricks), 36, was gonna go, because not even a split second after the stoppage he went into “WTF?” mode. As brewing beef in the pot with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is being stirred up, this wasn’t the time to add in a KO with a spicy asterisk.

In his amazing swan song, all-time great heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko turned Joshua into a bike innertube by scientifically putting the Brit under water while exposing a few holes. The only problem is he got pulled in and drowned himself. Takam showed similar mettle against a powerful Alexander Povetkin, but lacked Dr. Steelhammer’s height and length, in addition to an inability to fight tall.

Wilder can and does fight tall, while being in possession of the deadliest right hand in boxing. Joshua has shown vulnerability to a chopping overhand right (as Klitschko demonstrated) and the “Bronze Bomber” now has a little more data to process, giving him even further incentive to demolish Bermane Stiverne next week at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.



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