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Savvy Vet Showing From Pacquiao In UD Win Over Vargas


The slugging Senator Manny Pacquiao proved himself to be still fairly masterful in the pugilistic arena, as he was the better ring general in against Jessie Vargas, who was entering the Las Vegas ring with the WBO 147 crown, on Saturday night.

Right hands from Vargas landed every so often but mostly it was Manny in control of the space. He scored a knockdown in round two but this wasn’t a demo job at all; Pacman exited with a UD12 as he paced himself expertly, doing enough to take rounds but not get careless or over extend himself .

The judges saw it 114-113, erroneously, and two had it 118-109, 118-109, for Manny, who threw less but landed more.



He was economical and saved energy. Pac said after he didn’t want to be careless, get countered. And really, it is clear, he’s not so much about slugging. His KO drought continues…

According to CompuBox statistics, Pacquiao landed 147 of 409 punches (36 percent), and Vargas connected on 104 of 562 (19 percent). Manny conserved energy, and often his defense was his best offense.

Is Terence Crawford or Floyd Mayweather next? Whoever the people and promoter want, he said to Stephen A Smith. “Anybody,” he said, and 140 and Crawford sounds good to him.

Vargas after said it was a close and entertaining fight, and a chess match. He said he tried his best and seemed not crushed. “It’s a learning experience,” he said.

Pac came out energized and jabbing in the first. Vargas pumped the jab, stood in the pocket, ate a left, and landed a sharp right late.

In round two, we saw V jab to kick off. Pac weaved and waited and wasn’t busy. Then he was…Vargas down off a left hand, flash knockdown. Counter left, right after a jab.

In round three, Vargas was getting timed. Manny had his timing on. In the fourth, Vargas’ lead right landed and he had a better round. It caught Manny coming in. Dewey Cooper told V not to have his feet so wide, and also not to forget the jab and not force the power.

To the fifth…MP landed a lead left down the pike. Then a right from Vargas..and another one late. MP had his rhythm thrown off, he wasn’t in command so clearly now. To six…Vargas was moving more. The right again clanged on MP. His right eye, though, was closing. He won it with rights.

To round seven; MP came out woken up. One twos were on. MP was more energized and took the round. To 8: the MP right jab landed and then a right by Vargas was rock solid. Blood came from Vargas’ nose, and he was backing up late. The slice was in between the eyes on V.

To nine: we saw MP being the aggressor and close the distance, and weave his way in and pressurize him. In 10; Vargas came out knowing the ship was setting to sail. MP looked so full of energy. But he wasn’t hurling that often, as a vet he was looking to smartly conserve.

To 11; MP was in control of the tempo. But a left caught Manny, then he smiled at Floyd Mayweather ringside. V went down but off crossed feet. To the 12th…MP wanted to finish sharp. He did.



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