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Porter Out-Rumbles Granados In Brooklyn Scrap


Shawn Porter did it the Porter way, rumbling and grinding out a victory over Adrian Granados at Barclays Center and on Showtime Saturday night.

Porter landed the harder and cleaner shots, zero doubt, but Granados earned a load of new fans for his spirited outing in NY. Then he lost a few by telling Jim Gray he thought he controlled the fight. They wanted to give him style and plush points, but beyond that, NY fight fans aren’t rubes.

It was 117-111, times three, for Porter, on the scorecards, and it could have been wider, as the loser did better as an entertainer than he did in the offensive sphere.

Porter told us he hurt a hand around the sixth, his jab hand, and that’s why the plan to go for the KO didn’t come to fruition. He came to take his heart, Porter said, and Granados wouldn’t allow it.

Porter (27-2-1 entering; from Ohio; living in Vegas) was 146.5 o Friday, while Granados (18-5-2 entering; from Chicago) was 146. The WBC silver welterweight title was up for grabs.

In the first, Porter started fast. He was a bull, a brawling mauler, in his face and peppering. Granados had to grab and clinch to slow him down. He banged to the body when they clinched and Porter weaved and tried to dodge incoming. Granny looked to be a mover but got caught with a bomber right on the temple late.

In the second, Granny backed up, and then Porter attacked, and ate a few shots coming in. Porter then backed off, looking to change the tone. Then he went back to bulling. He is a body snatcher in tight. Granados landed late and then gestured walking back to his corner that he loved it.

In the third, Porter flurried to start. It was kind of a messy fight, but fun, lively. Grandados told Porter to meet him on the ropes and Porter declined and the crowd hooted. Good gamesmanship here.

In the fourth, they both wanted center ring to start. Granny wanted off those ropes. Then he got caught there and Porter strafed. They traded and the crowd surged. Porter was not totally sure how to handle the Chicagoan.

In round five, a left hook caught Granny coming in. Nice timing. He had his head down, firing and then covering smartly, and he winged hooks and bore forward, winning another round.

In the sixth, Porter was going low and high, was he sensing deterioration in Granados? Porter ran after Granny, literally, and the crowd hooted, late in the round.

In round seven, the Porter jab was sharp and mean. He was just getting more accurate. Porter turned the table on Granny, and retreated and was chased. Two sharp rights landed for Porter in the waning seconds.

In the eighth, Granny chased Porter. They fell to the mat together, then, at 2:08. Porter took another round, on my card. In round nine, the pace slowed some. Porter of course landed the two or three cleanest shots of the round.

In the tenth, Porter came out with ample energy. His left hook was furious. Granny, bless him, ran at Porter with 25 seconds left, after he’d been eating clean shots. Very much a game guy, this Granados. In the 11th, the ref told the boys to stop clowning. Granny jetted forward, looking to paste Porter, at 50 seconds remaining. Incredible energy from both at this juncture. In the 12th, Porter moved a bunch and the crowd hooted him.He moved more, they hooted more, and we went to the cards…



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