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Gone In 6 Seconds


Say hello to my little friend.

In the time it took for Angelina Jolie and Nicholas Cage to think about stealing a car in the cult classic “Gone in 60 Seconds”, WBO bantamweight champion Zolani Tete (26-3, 21KOs) zapped Siboniso Gonya (11-2, 5KOs) a mere :06 into the 1st round.

Though history will say it took :11 to eviscerate Gonya, it is officially time for Keith Thurman Jr to come up with a new nickname. Tete threw one punch that landed “One-Time’, changing everyone’s mind about the KOTY with a right hook thrown from South African hell in Belfast.

If Ireland’s little badass, IBF bantamweight champion Ryan Burnett missed it– who could blame him? If he did, the Irish faithful certainly didn’t, and will greatly anticipate a March 2018 showdown. The seriously avoided Tete assured anyone at 118 that he will not be ignored, with a shot fired all over the boxing world.



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