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THE OT: Why Some Know What the Congo Was Called


Sunday afternoon..On the train from North Salem, NY to Grand Central, before grabbing a cab ride to Brooklyn.

Seats were plentiful. Family of five was across the aisle from us. Six, if you count their little dog. Girls saw the dog, and so the two families chatted. We thought about introducing our pretty Maggie to their little rogue.

Midway through the ride, Bella was trying to do some crossword in the NY Magazine.

Aloud, said, “The former name for the Congo.”

Me and the guy, the hubby across the aisle, simultaneously said, “Zaire.” Would have been a tie on Jeopardy…

We laughed and I noted why I knew it (“Boxing”) and made a crack about us being equally smart, very effin smart.

“Ha,” I joked, “like me, he must have gone to Harvard, AND Yale.”

Moment of silence, and then his wife piped up. “Actually,” she said, without ego, “he went to Yale, THEN Harvard.”

He smiled and looked a smudge embarrassed, but he then cracked up. And I felt not stupid. C’mon, I was right there with the Harvard/Yale guy.



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