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Gleason’s Gym Has Final Fight Night of 2017, On Dec. 9


The passage of time is one of those inevitables, right there with death and taxes, and c’mon now, with those Cayman Island type havens, taxes as an inevitable are up for debate.

But hasn’t this year flown by? So much news, something new every day, four or five a day, some days, if you pay attention to such matters. And a lot of it, not real good. This nation is in a state of dis-unity with the two main political parties engaging in daily cage fights within a structure that is wickedly corrupsted and malignant. So, what to do? How to handle this onslaught of fear, doubt, division and insecurity?


The best therapy not involving a couch, the sweet science.

No one, arguably, knows this better than Bruce Silverglade, the mega mensch owner/proprietor of the famed and fabled Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO, Brooklyn, who for 37 plus years has been banging the drum for pugilism as a path to personal betterment.

On Dec. 9, Silverglade will roll out the final boxing show of the year at thegym, which has transitioned beyond well to their new digs on Water St., after moving over from Front St.

“If you’re interested in competing, we have the youngsters, the junior Olympians, we have the Golden Glovers and we have the master boxers, the older fellows, everybody is allowed to compete,” Silverglade told me.

Someone aiming to get onto the amateur boxing path, they’ll want to train maybe six months minimum before taking part in a tango. Silverglade said, also, that white collar peeps often come in, and train for a 12 week period, to take part in a charity boxing show. “They’re training with other people with no experience,” he said. “Similar age, weight and similar experience. What will determine the winner in that contest is conditioning,” he continued.

The Dec. 9 event will be held at Gleason’s and the first fight is at 6 PM, with weigh ins at 4 PM. The scraps go for 2-2.5 hours, and Silverglade says you can make a night of it, watch bouts and then hit a local restaurant.

Put it down on your calendar now; if you have never seen boxing in person, it will be enjoyable and illuminating, and this is an intimate atmosphere, where you will see the upsides to the art and science of boxing.



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